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Logic Conference Spree (Ghent, July 2014)

So the dates are now settled! Next summer Ghent will host three fun logic-and-philosophy-of-science-related events in a row!
First, we'll host HOPOS 2014 (History and Philosophy of Science), July 3-6. (The local organizer is Maarten Van Dyck. There's a chance he won't dress like that, but still, HOPOS might be worth your time.)Then, we'll have Trends in Logic XIV (aka Entia et Nomina IV), July 8-11. The conference is titled: The road less travelled. Off-stream applications of formal methods. (I am the local organizer, but I'll be just slacking around and delegating most of the work to other organizers, Gillman Payette, Agnieszka Rostalska and Inge De Bal.)Next, we'll host DEON conference, July 12-14, focused on deontic logics. (The local organizer is Joke Meheus.) For now, the only event fancy enough to have a webpage is HOPOS, but we're on it (well, you should see a tab devoted to TiL above, but the page has no content yet). Stay tuned!

[EDIT: don't fo…

Philpapers section summaries (Ontology of Mathematics)

I have finished drafting section summaries with short reading guides to PhilPapers sections that I am editing.If you think I should revise, or that I forgot about something, drop me a line:

[EDIT: these below are links]
Ontology of MathematicsMathematical FictionalismMathematical NominalismMathematical PlatonismMathematical StructuralismMathematical Neo-FregeanismIndeterminacy in MathematicsIndispensability Arguments in MathematicsNumbers