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Here is short information and link to the schedule of the seminars and student meetings that take place at the Chair of Logic, Philosophy of Science & Epistemology and the University of Gdansk. Each seminar can be joined through Skype - if you're interested, just let us know ahead of time, or in person (S520 in the Faculty of Social Science building). Our meetings come in two flavors. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to all of them!

PhD student meetings. These are usually in Polish. Students go over research papers related to their work.

LoPSE seminars, in which we discuss papers related to formal epistemology, the role of statistical evidence in forensic sciences and law, and mathematical philosophy in general. Each seminar, we read and discuss one paper. Occasionally, group members present their own work for debate. These are in English.

An updated announcement with a full schedule of our meetings and a record of our past meetings is available here.