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Lost in translation

Okay, I can't help but report this. When you defend you MA in Poland, you can request an English version of your diploma. You pay like $15 extra for the translation. A friend of mine has recently graduated from Gdansk University, and he just got the English version of his diploma. It's full of mistakes (and to be honest, it's not the first really bad English translation of a diploma here, the problem is quite widespread). Anyway, here's my favorite. His thesis was about Chalmers. He gave these guys the English version of his thesis title. Of course, it had: Chalmers' in the title. Now, guess what they did. They corrected him! On his diploma it says: Chalmer's You can see how this can be an obstacle if he applies to a grad school abroad. The committe will either think that he's carelless, or (worse) won't even know who the hell Chalmer is. Afaik, he's making a list of all the mistakes. I'll beg him to post it somewhere. :)