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Two jobs at Warsaw University (logic, phil of sci)

There are two jobs at the level of Adjunct Professor (but I think they're fixed-term). One in logic and one in philosophy of science. The postings are in Polish, but from what I gather, they actually need someone who would teach in English, and none of the postings literally require that the applicant should speak Polish. The calls are available here: The deadline is June 14, the decisions are  to be made on June 25. The calls don't mention who you should contact with informal inquiries, but the chair of logic is directed by Prof. Anna Wójtowicz and the chair of philosophy of science is directed by Prof. Krzysztof Wójtowicz . 

Leśniewski book

My book on Leśniewski,  Leśniewski's Systems of Logic and Foundations of Mathematics , is coming out soon (it's already available on Springer's website ). It is not my PhD dissertation. I wrote the whole book pretty much anew and only part of the material overlaps with my dissertation. And even the stuff that I already included in my dissertation is different: I re-worked the material to make it more accessible and slightly less boring (probably failing at least at the latter task). HT to Severi Hamari , who co-authored one of the chapters.