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Recent stats about Polish academia, some hasty remarks

Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education has recently published this year's report on higher education in Poland. While the topic doesn't have much to do with logic, here are some points that caught my attention, together with my (sociologically incompetent) remarks. FACT  The number of students: 390 409 in 1990, peaking at 1 953 832 in 2005, now dropping and reaching 1 764 060 in 2011. While in 1990 the ratio of students among citizens aged 19-24 was 9,8% in 1990, it peaked at 40,9 in 2009 and is slowly dropping, having reached 40,6 in 2011. REMARK This shouldn't be taken as a direct measure of how educated the Polish society is. There are many factors which make (say) a Master's from 1990 in principle more valuable than that from 2010. - While there is a bunch of public higher education institutions (including 19 universities), there were practically no private higher education institutions in 1990 - so 100% of full time university students studied at pu