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2 post-doc jobs in logic and phil of sci

The Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science at Ghent University ( is looking for 2 post-doctoral researchers for a research project entitled /Contextual and formal-logical approach to scientific problem solving processes /supervised by //Prof. Dr. Erik Weber and Prof. Dr. Joke Meheus. We offer 2-year post-doctoral positions (October/November 2012 tillSeptember/October 2014). The research areas are the following: (1) Position 1: Methodological and epistemological analysis of scientific reasoning processes. (2) Position 2: Logical analysis of scientific reasoning processes. Researchers with a PhD in philosophy or a related discipline (e.g. science studies or philosophy of a specific scientific discipline) who are interested in these positions can apply by sending an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Erik Weber (  ) before *12 August 2012.*Applications must contain a CV with list of publications and a 1 page research proposal that fits int