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Entia et Nomina V report

Just a couple of days ago I returned from Entia et Nomina V , organized by Leszek WroĊ„ski , Jacek Wawer and Juliusz Doboszewski (with the generous support of Tomasz Placek 's research grant and Jagiellonian University). I'm a bit of a control freak and this is the first time I let someone else run the show. Despite my initial fears, the organizers have done a wonderful job, probably much better than I would've done. So, big thanks to Leszek, Jacek, Juliusz and Tomasz! Here's a brief account of some of the talks (I'm only mentioning those which I feel not completely incompetent to say something about). The full schedule and links to abstract are available here:  - Diderik Batens (University of Ghent) talked about adaptive naive set theory, where he used his inconsistency-adaptive logic over naive set theory to obtain an interesting non-trivial theory. My only worry was that he needed three different conditionals to acc