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CFP: Applications of Formal Philosophy (book)

We welcome full paper submissions for a book titled: Applications of Formal Philosophy The Road Less Travelled to be published with Springer, edited by Rafal Urbaniak and Gillman Payette. If you're interested, please email your full paper, prepared in LaTeX, in PDF format, prepared for an anonymous refereeing process to both: The submission deadline is December 31, 2014. Please include your contact details in the submission email. Please make sure that the content of the paper fits the following description of the scope of the volume: ------------- Logicians have devoted considerable effort to applying formal methods to what are now considered core disciplines of analytic philosophy: philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language and  metaphysics. Researchers in these fields have been accused of sharpening their knives without actually cutting anything of interest to those outside of philosophy. The focus of formal methods is changing and