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Entia et Nomina 2016 CFP

The “Entia et Nomina” series features English language workshops for young researchers in formally oriented philosophy, in particular in logic, philosophy of science, formal epistemology and philosophy of language. The aim of the workshop is to foster cooperation among young philosophers with a formal bent from various research groups. The fifth workshop in the series will take place from 5 to 9 September in Warsaw, Poland. Invited speakers: Neil Barton (Kurt Godel Research Centre, Vienna, Austria) Laura Fontanella (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel) Zalan Gyenis (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) Jacek Wawer (Jagiellonian University, Krak√≥w, Poland) Authors of contributed papers are requested to submit extended abstracts of about 1000 words, prepared for blind-review (in pdf format), by  July, the 30th , 2016, to . Authors of accepted papers will have 40 minutes to present their work. Each paper will be followed by a 10 minute comm