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The seminars take place (virtually) at the Chair of Logic, Philosophy of Science & Epistemology at the University of Gdansk. Each seminar can be joined through Zoom. All the planned events and Zoom invitations are visible in our calendar. In winter term 2020/2021 the seminars take place on Tuesdays at 5 p.m.  If you’d like to have a copy of the paper ahead of time, just drop us a line.


  • We always try to have the author present. Unless they are dead.
  •  We start with one of us briefly presenting the content of the work under discussion. The author is put in the awkward position of trying to understand what another person understood from what they wrote. We find this useful.
  • A discussion ensues.

2020/201 EVENTS

  • 20 Oct 2020, Sven-Ove Hansson, "Revising Probabilities and Full Beliefs."
  • 13 Oct. 2020, Reading group: Variation 5: The Problem of Old Evidence in "Bayesian Philosophy of Science" by Jan Sprenger and Stephan Hartmann. 
  • 06 Oct. 2020, Robert Różański, "Introduction to causal discovery and inference."

 The full schedule of our pre-COVID meetings is available here.