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Logic Conference Spree (Ghent, July 2014)

So the dates are now settled! Next summer Ghent will host three fun logic-and-philosophy-of-science-related events in a row ! First, we'll host HOPOS 2014  (History and Philosophy of Science), July 3-6. (The local organizer is  Maarten Van Dyck . There's a chance he won't dress like that , but still, HOPOS might be worth your time.) Then, we'll have Trends in Logic XIV (aka Entia et Nomina IV), July 8-11. The conference is titled: The road less travelled. Off-stream applications of formal methods. (I am the local organizer, but I'll be just slacking around and delegating most of the work to other organizers, Gillman Payette , Agnieszka Rostalska  and Inge De Bal .) Next, we'll host DEON conference, July 12-14, focused on deontic logics. (The local organizer is Joke Meheus .) For now, the only event fancy enough to have a webpage is HOPOS, but we're on it (well, you should see a tab devoted to TiL above, but the page has no content yet). Stay tuned

Philpapers section summaries (Ontology of Mathematics)

I have finished drafting section summaries with short reading guides to PhilPapers sections that I am editing.If you think I should revise, or that I forgot about something, drop me a line: [EDIT: these below are links] Ontology of Mathematics Mathematical Fictionalism Mathematical Nominalism Mathematical Platonism Mathematical Structuralism Mathematical Neo-Fregeanism Indeterminacy in Mathematics Indispensability Arguments in Mathematics Numbers