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Summer school - conditionals

This sounds pretty cool. I might try to be there. More details on their website.

Conditionals: Philosophical and Linguistic Issues

Application deadline: 16 February, 2009

Course Directors: Barry Loewer, Rutgers, Philosophy Department, New Brunswick, USA
Jason Stanley, Rutgers, Philosophy Department, New Brunswick, USA

Faculty: Dorothy Edgington, University of Oxford, Faculty of Philosophy, Magdalen College and University of London, Birkbeck College, UK
Alan Hajek, Australian National University, Research School of Social Sciences, Philosophy Program, Canberra, Australia
Angelika Kratzer, University of Massachusetts, Department of Linguistics, Amherst, USA
Robert Stalnaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Linguistics & Philosophy, Cambridge, USA

The aims of this summer school are 1) to teach and discuss recent philosophical and linguistic advances on our understanding of conditionals and 2) to promote discussions among the faculty and participants of issues involving conditionals from the perspectives of linguistics, philosophy of language, philosophical logic, cognitive psychology, and philosophy of science 3) to help establish a network of young researchers on issues in philosophy of language and philosophical logic.

The course will cover
  1. an introduction to the main ideas needed for an understanding of recent work on conditionals including the basics of modal logic, probability theory, and linguistics;
  2. the main accounts of the linguistics and semantics of indicative and subjunctive conditionals;
  3. the connections between probability and conditionals;
  4. connections between conditionals and other philosophical concepts including laws, causation, knowledge, the direction of time.