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Entia et Nomina 2018 CFP (Gdansk 28-29 August 2018)

This is the seventh conference in the Entia et NominA series (previous editions took place in Poland, Belgium and India), which  features workshops for researchers in formally and analytically oriented philosophy, in particular in epistemology, logic, and philosophy of science.  The distinctive format of the workshop requires participants to distribute extended abstracts or full papers a couple of weeks before the workshop and to prepare extended comments on another participant's paper.

Invited speakers
- Zalan Gyenis (Jagiellonian University, Poland)
- Masashi Kasaki (Nagoya University, Japan)
- Martin Smith (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

- Submission deadline: July 20
- Decisions: August 1
- Workshop: August 28-29

For more details on the workshop and submission, consult the pdf file with full CFP: